2016 Alaska Business Plan Competition
Rules and Policies

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Rules and Policies - 2016

The Alaska Business Plan Competition is open to for-profit and non-profit businesses that have or intend to have a significant operating presence in Alaska. Businesses not meeting this criterion are eligible to compete, but not to receive monetary prizes.

To enter the competition, each business must consent to follow these rules:


Each business must submit a completed Intent to Compete Form to the competition administrator by the Registration Deadline, in order to be considered for the competition.


Submission Deadline April 3, 2016
   Intent to Compete Form and Business Plan submission

Notification Date April 9, 2016
   Finalists notified to prepare for the final competition

Final Competition Date April 17, 2016 1PM

Business Eligibility

This is an educational event and only enrolled students are eligible for the cash awards. To be eligible to win prizes, each business entering the competition must include a minimum of one student from a university or high school in Alaska. For the purpose of this competition, a student is a person registered to take at least one (1) credit, undergraduate or graduate, at a university or high school in Alaska, including but not limited to Alaska Pacific University, University of Alaska campuses, community campuses or extended sites, during the academic semester that includes the competition dates. Only the student(s) associated with the business are eligible to receive prizes through the competition. Only one entry per participant.

Businesses not meeting the criteria above are still eligible to compete and be ranked in the final, but are not eligible to win monetary prizes.


While the competition organizers and judges are bound by ethical considerations to keep information confidential, neither the organizers nor the judges will sign non-disclosure agreements with any of the participants as part of the competition process. Participants are advised to include in the submission only information they deem as non-confidential in nature.

The organizers reserve the right to use the following information about each business to publicize the event

   • The name of the business.
   • A one paragraph description of the company provided by the business as part of the Intent to       Compete Form.
   • The names of all students or any affiliated businesspersons mentioned explicitly in the business       plan.
   • Any pictures taken at the competition

Acceptable Business Plans

There is no required format for the submitted business plans. Each business must submit one (1) electronic copy in PDF no later than Midnight on the date of the Submission Deadline.

Please use the following format when submitting your plan:

   • All plans must have a cover page that includes:
      - Your name
      - Name of your business

   • All submissions must be in a single PDF document with the following:
      - Business name in the file name
      ex: SalsaSalmon.pdf, Climb Green.pdf, etc.

   • All submissions will be emailed to:

   • All submissions will include the following in the subject line of the email:
      - Your company name

To be eligible for consideration, each business must submit a business plan that includes at least the following elements:

   • Business Plan Competition Submission Form
   • Intent to Compete Form with updated information
   • Executive Summary
   • Company Overview
   • Market Analysis
   • Business Strategy
   • Financials

Competition participants agree to provide the Alaska Business Plan Competition with information that is accurate and timely. Each entrant is free to choose their own format of the business plan. Sample business plans are available from the organizers upon request.

Judging Criteria

A business plan competition is essentially a pitch to investors for support. Business plans are typically developed to define the value and return an investor could expect from investing in the business. While the investment could be different forms including debt or equity financing, it could also include soliciting members for a board of directors or other strategic support such as distribution agreements or other inkind support. The “Ask” is the essential element of a plan competition that is supported by the plan.

The Judging criteria for preliminary round will check for a complete application and essential plan requirements listed below under “Acceptable Business Plans”. The judging will be done based on the following elements:

   • Management Team, Presentation, Execution Capability, Appropriate Ask. (25 Pts max.)

   • Innovation and plausibility (25 points max.)

   • Sustainability —viable business 5 years into the future. Scalable? (25 points max.)

   • Economic value — potential to create and support jobs (15 points max.)

   • Judge’s choice (10 points max.)

Preliminary Round

The Alaska Business Plan Competition administrator will review each submitted business plan for completeness and eligibility. The judging panel is selected from the Anchorage business community and may vary in any given year. Judges will select the top entries 4-6 that will participate in the final round.

To ensure the quality of the business plans presented at in the final round, the organizers reserve the right to select fewer entries if the submissions do not meet judges’ quality standards.

Final Round

The businesses that are selected to advance to the final round of judging will be notified one week prior to the competition date. The final round will consist of a ten (10) minute formal presentation by each business, followed by 5 minutes for Q & A. The presentation will be in front of a panel of judges from the business and financial community, invited guests and audience members. The judges for the final round may or may not be the same panel as the judges from the preliminary round. After a business has concluded their presentation, the judges and the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions of the business members. At the request of the judging panel, and at the sole discretion of the competition administrator, the presentation time may be extended.

In order to maintain eligibility, contestants must remain at the competition throughout the entire event. Competitors participating remotely must be in direct contact throughout the competition, unless they make different arrangements with competition organizers. Events beyond the control of the organizers and participants are the exception (e.g. network outages). The announcement of the winners shall be made at the conclusion of the competition event. The decisions of the judges are final.

Audio-visual equipment will be available for use by contestants in the final round. Requests and coordination for such equipment must be noted on the Business Plan Competition Submission Form.

Promotional Displays

In order to attract public attention to their business, contestants will be allowed to use one six-foot folding table-top display at the competition venue. Larger displays may be allowed upon request, at the sole discretion of the competition administrator. Requests for display space must be noted on the Submission Form.

Participants may promote their company using product or service brochures, but may not hand out copies of their business plan. Participants may distribute a one-page executive summary, if the summaries have the following statement on them: “This document is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase securities. This can only be done through a full disclosure document, which can be obtained from the officers of the company.”

Contestants may begin setting up their displays prior to the start of the evening events on the day of the competition. All display materials must be removed on the evening of the competition, but not prior to the conclusion of the competition.

Participation in this competition gives entrants no guarantees, expressed or implied, to any prizes or to any potential or future funding. Copies of business plans submitted to the competition will not be returned to the entrepreneurs. Participants agree that the organizers of the competition are not liable for any direct or indirect damages, including any loss of revenue that may or may not be related to business advice received in conjunction with the competition.

This competition does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase securities. This competition is merely a forum for entrepreneurs to present their projects, and for entrepreneurial businesses to hone their business plan writing and presentation skills. Neither the University of Alaska, the Alaska Pacific University, the UAA College of Business & Public Policy, the Alaska Business Plan Competition, nor any other person or organization connected with the competition makes any representation as to the reliability of the information provided by contestants or their representatives.

Changes to the Rules

Any changes to these rules shall be communicated by e-mail, within 24 hours of such change, to all registered participants. Registered contestants shall then have a further 48 hours to decide whether to remain in, or withdraw from the competition. Should the competition administrator not receive e-mail notification of withdrawal within that 48-hour period, it shall be assumed that contestants have consented to the rule change.