Alaska Business Plan Competition Overview

Alaskan entrepreneurs seeking growth opportunities for their business ventures can enter the Annual Alaska Business Plan Competition, jointly sponsored by local universities and businesses. Finalists will present in front of judges, investors and other entrepreneurs. This annual competition stimulates the real-world process of learning, continuous improvement, and raising private capital that is collectively needed for a business' growth. Individuals or teams who reach the final round will give ten-minute presentations of their plans for start-up funding or later-round financing. Immediately following each presentation, the judges, made up of a panel of local investors, will ask questions of the entrepreneurs to test the plan's validity.

Matching good business ideas with good management teams and with qualified investors who are interested in private, early stage equity opportunities is one of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship. Nowhere in the United States is this truer than Alaska.

The Alaska Business Plan Competition will also provide a formal deal path so that entrepreneurs and their plans can be funneled before potential investors. Faculty from the Business Administration departments at both Alaska Pacific University, University of Alaska Anchorage, and the University of Alaska Southeast and an informal network of capital formation professionals, will provide the beginnings of a validation process for some of the promising deals.

The Alaska Business Plan Competition is open to a broad range of participants including: new business, expanding or recapitalizing companies, merger, acquisition, buyout and takeover proposals, and 8(a) companies.

Organizing Crew:
Allan Johnston, Rick Wolk, Christi Bell, Scott Fredrickson, Al Herman

Allan Johnston
Alaska Business Plan Competition - Co-Founder and Advisor

Allan Johnston is the Alaska Regional Manager of Wedbush Morgan Securities. Vocationally he specializes in Alaska Native Corporation business development, Professionally Managed Separate Accounts and Investment Banking.

Allan has been with Wedbush Morgan Securities for 28 years and has been the Alaska Regional Manager for 17 years. Wedbush Morgan Securities has had a local office in Anchorage since 1971 and Fairbanks since 1975. On average, their Financial Consultants have more experience in Alaska than any other New York Stock Exchange Member Firm. They offer Investment Banking, Professionally Managed Accounts, Financial Planning and all other primary New York Stock Exchange Member firm services. (

Avocationally he is a Co-founder of the Alaska Business Plan Competition, Chair of the AlaskaInvestnet Advisory Board, Director of The Alaska Community Foundation, Director of The Zoo Foundation, Director of Hillside East Community Council, and member of the University of Alaska Intellectual Property Committee.